Sermons from May 2024

Sermons from May 2024

The Power of Pentecost

Minister Lea Gilmore explores the purpose and power of celebrating Pentecost. What does it mean to truly and fundamentally understand this story and how we should never reject the power of the Holy Spirit?

Rev. Shannon Weston – May 12, 2024

When we’re honest about scripture, it is safe to say that it is written by and through the lens of men. So when a story comes along about women supporting other women, I pay particularly close attention. This Mother’s Day, we’re going to hear the story of two midwives who help women become mothers in the most horrific of circumstances. Listen to Pastor Shannon’s Mother’s Day sermon as we celebrate the women in our lives, those who are mothers, and…

Rev. Shannon Weston’s Sermon: Sunday, May 5, 2024

The feeding of the 5, 000 – it’s a familiar story, and it’s a great story, but it is because it is a great story that I wonder if its complexity is often overlooked. Luke’s version of the story isn’t in the lectionary, but in it are details about the community and Jesus’s continued empowering ministry that should not be overlooked.