Sermons by Rev. Billy Kluttz

Sermons by Rev. Billy Kluttz

Mountaintop Moments

When’s the last time you experienced a “mountain top” moment? How do you carry those moments of inspiration into the everyday habits of your life? This Sunday, Pastor Billy will preach on the transfiguration story from Matthew chapter 17, verses one to nine. We’ll talk about moments of transfiguration and the longer work of transformation.

Filled With What?

In Matthew’s beatitudes, Jesus proclaims that the hungry will be filled. But what will they be filled with? Is Jesus talking about a spiritual or metaphorical hunger? Matthew’s beatitudes are often read as a more spiritualized list of blessings, compared to their blessing counterparts in the Gospel of Luke, but a closer reading shows Jesus’ literal and practical meaning. The Kingdom of God is defined by actions of literal feeding, eating, and rejoicing. Thanks be to God!

Unmiraculous Miracles

What makes a miracle, well, miraculous? And how might God be inviting us to be part of the miracles in our lives and neighborhoods? In this sermon, we continue our reading through the major leaders and prophets of the Hebrew Bible with the story of Elisha and Naaman from 2 Kings 5. Pastor Billy preaches on the seemingly mundane miracles that can transform the world around us even today.

Are You With Them?

Are we saints? How can we be sure? Is that even the right question to ask? We explore what it might mean to be model Christians as we discuss the story of Peter’s denial of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. – Pastor Billy’s sermon from November 6, 2022

Bad News, Good News, and Finding the Blessing

What are we willing to lose to serve God and our neighbor? In this sermon, we continue discussing the stories of early leaders in our faith as we turn toward Abram/Abraham and Sarai/Sarh in Genesis 12:1-9. We talk about all of God’s promises to Abram, as well as the many things God challenges Abram to let go of.

Leading Like a Christian: Stay Humble

Nehemiah’s enemies return! We’ll finish our summer sermon series this Sunday with a discussion of Nehemiah 13. Even our biggest wins are temporary at best, so how should Christian leaders act accordingly? We’ll talk about humility, hope, and the grace of God that sees us through it all.

Leading Like a Christian: Leaders Make Mistakes

Even Christian leaders make mistakes. What do we do about that? Pastor Billy continues his five-part series on Christian leadership this Sunday. Throughout this series, we are using the books of Ezra and Nehemiah from the Hebrew Bible as guides for how we can be faithful leaders in this moment. On Sunday, July 24, Pastor Billy preached on Ezra 10 and some of the mistakes that Ezra made. You’re invited to read through both of these books this summer as…

Leading Like a Christian: Claiming a Gospel Vision

How do we lead as Christians in this moment of tumult and transition? Pastor Billy will begin a five-part series on Christian leadership this Sunday to complement Pastor Tom’s summer series on critical social justice concerns. Throughout this series, we’ll use the books of Ezra and Nehemiah from the Hebrew Bible as guides for how we can be faithful leaders in this moment. This Sunday, Pastor Billy will preach on Ezra 1 and 3. You’re invited to read through both…

Living Like the Philippians Dignity, Not Domination

In chapter two of Philippians, Paul and Timothy cite an ancient hymn or poem about Jesus, highlighting Jesus’ humility and obedience (2:5-11). Examining the original language of the hymn, however, allows us to better understand the political context and meaning of the passage; together, we wrestle with the political imagery Paul is invoking. – Pastor Billy’s Sermon from May 29, 2022

Living Like the Philippians: Called to Humility

Why does Paul tell the church at Philippi that his imprisonment is an advantage to the Christian church? Pastor Billy will begin our two-week series on the Letter to the Philippians by considering the broader themes of the letter (joy, unity, and humility) in connection to Paul’s incarceration in chapter one.
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