Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

Rest as Resistance

The first thing God does after creating the heavens and the earth is rest. Then tells us to do the same. God mentions it again in the commandments, putting it as high as fourth, to keep the sabbath day holy. We are God-made creatures who need rest, not just for our bodies but our minds, hearts, and souls. Join us this Sunday as we hear God’s command for rest as resistance to the prophet Elijah.

Real Change Takes Time

We are people who run from one thing to another; we want or perceive we need everything “now” because if we don’t address it now, we will forget. It’s enough to look back and say, “Wasn’t it better the way it was before?” or as the Israelites in the desert said, “maybe Egypt wasn’t so bad.” Join us this week as we are “on the road” (or lack thereof) with Moses and Aaron while the community struggles to break the…

Doing Hard Things Together Through Faith

The Crossing of the Red Sea is an archetypal story of communal rebirth. It is a story of a people acting on faith together and being transformed as a result. We can draw strength from this story as we face challenges that we haven’t chosen. We can also be inspired to choose to do hard things together so that we are stronger as a community when larger challenges arrive.

Does God Look Away? Does God Forget Us?

Throughout the Bible, we hear of people experiencing God as absent. This is hard because we prefer to believe God is ever-present. How can we honor this scriptural testimony about God’s absence while seeking and finding God’s presence with us always?