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Rev. Shannon Weston’s Sermon: Sunday, May 5, 2024

The feeding of the 5, 000 – it’s a familiar story, and it’s a great story, but it is because it is a great story that I wonder if its complexity is often overlooked. Luke’s version of the story isn’t in the lectionary, but in it are details about the community and Jesus’s continued empowering ministry that should not be overlooked.

God is a God of Liberation – Easter Sermon

Three days doesn’t seem like a lot unless you’re waiting. Easter is the most joyous day of our church calendar year—the day of resurrection—the day of liberation from sin and death. What is more hopeful than death not having the last word? And what word is more needed today than that one? On Easter we embrace the great ministry of faith that God is a god of liberation, our chains are gone! And this liberating love is more powerful than…

Rest as Resistance

The first thing God does after creating the heavens and the earth is rest. Then tells us to do the same. God mentions it again in the commandments, putting it as high as fourth, to keep the sabbath day holy. We are God-made creatures who need rest, not just for our bodies but our minds, hearts, and souls. Join us this Sunday as we hear God’s command for rest as resistance to the prophet Elijah.

Real Change Takes Time

We are people who run from one thing to another; we want or perceive we need everything “now” because if we don’t address it now, we will forget. It’s enough to look back and say, “Wasn’t it better the way it was before?” or as the Israelites in the desert said, “maybe Egypt wasn’t so bad.” Join us this week as we are “on the road” (or lack thereof) with Moses and Aaron while the community struggles to break the…

Glowing Jesus

The Rev. Dr. Anita Hendrix joined us on Sunday, February 11 for a sermon on the Transfiguration. Seeking the radiant presence of Christ in all parts of our lives can transform the our world into a place of love, hope, and grace.

Teachings about Communion

For his last sermon at Govans, Pastor Tom invites the children to circle up around a blanket on the floor; a makeshift Communion Table. He teaches about how we welcome all kinds of people but also work to keep everyone safe, and how the symbols of the bread and cup represent Jesus love and courage within us always.

Words of Encouragement for the Pastoral Transition

In our story today, Jesus pauses on his way to heal a little girl so that he can attend to a desperate woman. During the pause the little girl dies, but Jesus then raises her from death. Pastor Tom reflects on how we as a church never stop our ministry but sometimes we do have to take time to focus on immediate needs that demand our attention. Doing so faithfully, positively, and gratefully will result in us doing greater things…

The Anti-Occupation and Anti-Colonization Polemic Thinly Veiled in the Story of the Gerasenes Demoniac

It would be easy to hear the story of the exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac as an ancient story about mental health. It can be that. And, if we pay attention to Mark’s clues we will hear that it is a strong message against violent occupation and colonization then and now. Further, it challenges us to consider what we are willing to pay in wealth and privilege in order to live in the Kin-dom of God.

Allowing God’s Callings to Take Root in Us

The Parable of the Sower is interpreted in the Gospel of Mark as a parable about different kinds of people receiving the Gospel differently. Pastor Tom suggests we think of the sower’s seed as the many ways God calls us in our lives, and the different soil as all being inside each of us. Which of God’s callings are finding the good soil in you right now. Which seeds are preparing you to receive their calling in the future? –…

Hulda’s and Josiah’s Climate Change Testimony

The Prophetess Hulda speaks truth to men in power. Josiah listens to her voice and leads change despite the inevitable fall of Jerusalem. How do their actions inform our response to climate change? We are do both; speak truth to power and change despite the coming consequences of the choices of past generations.

In Defense of Committees

The early church did something that churches would continue to do for millennia: they formed a committee. When issue of caring and social justice arose within the early church they created a group to help make their ideals into reality. Pastor Tom will encourage us to consider doing the same today by joining one of the many committees at Govans. – Sermon from November 19, 2023.