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Govans Presbyterian Church is a theologically progressive community empowering people to make the world better.

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Juneteenth Jubilee concert to highlight Black American musical heritage

Govan’s role as an important regional hub of racial justice and the arts is reflected in an all-star lineup being assembled for the second annual Juneteenth concert. The show is again being assembled by our own Minister for Racial Justice, Lea Gilmore, herself an acclaimed vocalist and human rights advocate. She says it will include blues, jazz and folk selections. “We want to show the multifaceted roots of African American music,” says Lean. “It’s so significant that Juneteenth has become…

Govans to renovate Education Building, Signage and Playground

The Education Building that houses the Govans Preschool and the Senior Network of North Baltimore (SNNB) was built in 1958 and features two window walls that are badly in need of replacement. This project will replace them with brick façades and new energy efficient windows including a canopy covering the entrance to the SNNB. Additionally, the project includes a complete regrading and resurfacing of the playground, and new exterior signage will be installed across our entire campus. Frequently Asked Questions:…

Watch “A Moment of Margaret Bonds”

Did you miss the Govans Chancel Choir’s wonderful special music presentation from Palm Sunday? Or do you simply want to watch it again. You can watch the whole thing below. Thank you to our choir members and our Music Director, Marie Herrington and also to our special guest pianist and vocalists – Timothy Krippner, Elisheva Pront, and Ben Ross.

Black Baltimore artists sought to design new art for Sanctuary

The Racial Justice Committee has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for art work to supplement the window at the front of our sanctuary. Artwork will be hung on both sides of the window. Our desire is to portray a welcoming and inclusive community in our worship space. Please distribute the attached RFP to any interested Black artists who reside in Baltimore. Deadline for submission is March 11, 2024. Submissions and questions can be directed to Patreena Parsons, govansart@gmail.com.

New Sermons

Rev. Shannon Weston’s Sermon: Sunday, May 5, 2024

The feeding of the 5, 000 – it’s a familiar story, and it’s a great story, but it is because it is a great story that I wonder if its complexity is often overlooked. Luke’s version of the story isn’t in the lectionary, but in it are details about the community and Jesus’s continued empowering ministry that should not be overlooked.

God is a God of Liberation – Easter Sermon

Three days doesn’t seem like a lot unless you’re waiting. Easter is the most joyous day of our church calendar year—the day of resurrection—the day of liberation from sin and death. What is more hopeful than death not having the last word? And what word is more needed today than that one? On Easter we embrace the great ministry of faith that God is a god of liberation, our chains are gone! And this liberating love is more powerful than…

Rest as Resistance

The first thing God does after creating the heavens and the earth is rest. Then tells us to do the same. God mentions it again in the commandments, putting it as high as fourth, to keep the sabbath day holy. We are God-made creatures who need rest, not just for our bodies but our minds, hearts, and souls. Join us this Sunday as we hear God’s command for rest as resistance to the prophet Elijah.

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