Govans to renovate Education Building, Signage and Playground

Govans to renovate Education Building, Signage and Playground

The Education Building that houses the Govans Preschool and the Senior Network of North Baltimore (SNNB) was built in 1958 and features two window walls that are badly in need of replacement. This project will replace them with brick façades and new energy efficient windows including a canopy covering the entrance to the SNNB. Additionally, the project includes a complete regrading and resurfacing of the playground, and new exterior signage will be installed across our entire campus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is working with Govans on this project? The architect is Jerome Gray and contractor is A.R. Marani. Members of Govans staff and volunteers from the Facilities committee have been working with them for over two years on the design and planning of the project. The Session has also been 

How long will construction take? The project will be done in the 3 phases with a planned start in June 2024. Each phase is expected to last about 3 months. We will be replacing the west wall first, followed by the south wall and SNNB canopy and finally the playground. The brick façades and canopy are expected to be done by the end of 2024. Work on the playground is expected to be completed in February 2025 depending on weather.

Will the preschool and SNNB be able to operate during construction? Yes, maintaining preschool and SNNB operations is essential. In order for the preschool to remain operational and also have space for play, we are planning to have both Sharp Hall and the Multipurpose Room converted to classroom space during the first two phases. Due to state licensing requirements the classrooms need to remain in place, and as a result, other activities in those rooms will be severely limited between June and December 2024. The SNNB will be moving some of their programming to the Gallery, Waverly Room, and Youth Room. 

We know this is a great inconvenience to our building users. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Why are we regrading the playground? For many years the playground has been subject to flooding that impacts the Carriage House. The regrading will solve this issue.

Why are we getting new signs? Our campus can be confusing and unwelcoming to first time visitors. New and improved signage will help solve that problem and improve our curb appeal.

How much will this cost?  Session has approved $1.3 million for this project.  To pay for the project, we have $500,000 allocated in the preschool and major maintenance fund. For the remaining amount, we will borrow from our pooled endowment fund and repay this loan over 20 years. 80% of the repayment will come from preschool revenue, and the remaining from the church operating budget.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Wilson (