Sermons on Family

Sermons on Family

Rev. Shannon Weston – May 12, 2024

When we’re honest about scripture, it is safe to say that it is written by and through the lens of men. So when a story comes along about women supporting other women, I pay particularly close attention. This Mother’s Day, we’re going to hear the story of two midwives who help women become mothers in the most horrific of circumstances. Listen to Pastor Shannon’s Mother’s Day sermon as we celebrate the women in our lives, those who are mothers, and…

The Family You Choose

Minister Lea Gilmore preaching on Ruth 1:1-17 focusing on “chosen family.” From October 15, 2023.

“Revealing Yourself as a Child of God”

Who are you as a lover of the world? How do you express that love most authentically? And how do you and the world conspire to obscure and shroud your expression of love. Pastor Tom invites us to see our lives as an episode of the hit TV show, “The Masked Singer” and think about how we can show our love for the world even from behind our masks. Our audience is all of creation. Paul says “All creation waits…

Speaking Hope on Behalf of the Next Generation

God invited Ezekiel to participate in raising the dead in the valley of dry bones. The bones did not have to do anything to be worthy of resurrection. But Ezekiel was called, as we are, to speak love, truth, and hope on their behalf. This is also what we do when we baptize a baby.