Sermons by Minister Lea Gilmore

Sermons by Minister Lea Gilmore

Embracing Joy and Living a Persistent Faith

Minister Lea Gilmore discusses I Thessalonians 3:6-13 as a call to live a persistent faith, embrace joy in living, and dedicate ourselves to doing good in the world. You (Yes, you!) are a beautiful child of God whose good works impact us all. Let’s receive it and believe it.

“To Sin or Not to Sin?”…that is the question

What is sin? What does it mean to be “free from sin?” While God does indeed cover us with grace, it does not give us permission to embrace sin (however we define it). Yet, are we inherently sinful by nature? Oh, the confusion! Join us as Minister Lea Gilmore reflects upon this complex passage which scholars spend a lifetime trying to understand. – Sermon from May 21, 2023

Consenting to God

Minister Lea Gilmore preaching on the themes of baptism by water, fire, and the Holy Spirit based on Matthew 3:1-17. How are we called to consent to God?