Sermons on Spiritual Growth

Sermons on Spiritual Growth

Rev. Shannon Weston’s Sermon: Sunday, May 5, 2024

The feeding of the 5, 000 – it’s a familiar story, and it’s a great story, but it is because it is a great story that I wonder if its complexity is often overlooked. Luke’s version of the story isn’t in the lectionary, but in it are details about the community and Jesus’s continued empowering ministry that should not be overlooked.

Rest as Resistance

The first thing God does after creating the heavens and the earth is rest. Then tells us to do the same. God mentions it again in the commandments, putting it as high as fourth, to keep the sabbath day holy. We are God-made creatures who need rest, not just for our bodies but our minds, hearts, and souls. Join us this Sunday as we hear God’s command for rest as resistance to the prophet Elijah.

Glowing Jesus

The Rev. Dr. Anita Hendrix joined us on Sunday, February 11 for a sermon on the Transfiguration. Seeking the radiant presence of Christ in all parts of our lives can transform the our world into a place of love, hope, and grace.

Teachings about Communion

For his last sermon at Govans, Pastor Tom invites the children to circle up around a blanket on the floor; a makeshift Communion Table. He teaches about how we welcome all kinds of people but also work to keep everyone safe, and how the symbols of the bread and cup represent Jesus love and courage within us always.

Cultivating Generousity through Financial Giving

Pastor Tom offers some basic teachings about financial giving including the use of proportional giving as a way to measure our growth as generous people. Many people don’t feel able to tithe today, but we can make that as a goal and ask God to help us become more generous.

Two Keys to Meaningful Daily Prayer

We read of David’s second attempt to bring the Ark of the Covenant to his new capital in Jersusalem. Though there are several details that differ between the two attempts, we will look broadly at how his intention changed and the attention he paid to his body changed. How can paying attention to our intention and to our bodies in prayer make our daily prayer practice more meaningful?

Loving An Invisible God

The instruction to love God is central to both the Jewish and Christian faiths. So, how do we do it? How do we love a God who is invisible and completely beyond our comprehension? Pastor Tom reflects on this question by comparing how loving a person is the same as loving God and how it is different. In many ways, it is quite different and yet, if we practice our love for God we will improve the ways we love…

“To Sin or Not to Sin?”…that is the question

What is sin? What does it mean to be “free from sin?” While God does indeed cover us with grace, it does not give us permission to embrace sin (however we define it). Yet, are we inherently sinful by nature? Oh, the confusion! Join us as Minister Lea Gilmore reflects upon this complex passage which scholars spend a lifetime trying to understand. – Sermon from May 21, 2023