Sermons from May 2023

Sermons from May 2023

“Revealing Yourself as a Child of God”

Who are you as a lover of the world? How do you express that love most authentically? And how do you and the world conspire to obscure and shroud your expression of love. Pastor Tom invites us to see our lives as an episode of the hit TV show, “The Masked Singer” and think about how we can show our love for the world even from behind our masks. Our audience is all of creation. Paul says “All creation waits…

“To Sin or Not to Sin?”…that is the question

What is sin? What does it mean to be “free from sin?” While God does indeed cover us with grace, it does not give us permission to embrace sin (however we define it). Yet, are we inherently sinful by nature? Oh, the confusion! Join us as Minister Lea Gilmore reflects upon this complex passage which scholars spend a lifetime trying to understand. – Sermon from May 21, 2023

Atonement Theology and Inviting Jesus into Your Heart

The doctrine of atonement suggests that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus changed something about our ability to access God and live well. Pastor Tom explores several “theories” about what that something was, and how we can access transformation in Christ regardless of how we think about his life, death, and resurrection. – Pastor Tom’s sermon from May 14, 2023